Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rising to the Challenge

Thank you once again John Spencer! In his opening post of 2017, John challenged edubloggers (and other educators who have thus far been anxious about taking the step into the public eye with their writing) to step up their games.

So...step 1: Identify your goals, and post them publicly on John's blog via comments.

Blogging is something I have done in fits and starts for a number of years, but I have struggled with consistency. Every time I pick it back up I tell myself "this time, it will be for good!" This time I think I have been more consistent for a pretty good stretch, and since I have a bit of momentum, I think John's challenge is timed perfectly. his specifics also mesh well with my own ideas so here's part one:

  • post three times a week
John specified his days, I don't think I can be pinned down quite that much (I do what I want, as my daughter would say), but three posts a week, while ambitious, might be just the thing I need to get me in the habit to reach what has always been my goal of a weekly post ongoing.
  • write every day
I recently celebrated (OK, who am I kidding, I'm still celebrating) the publication of the first EduMatch book Snapshot in Education. This whirlwind experience has inspired me to commit to writing a full book in 2017. There. It's public. Nothing like making something public to pin a person down! With that said, I have purchased myself journals. Many journals. More jourothN one person could possibly need, but they all have different purposes, so that's my story, and I'm sticking to y! In any case, as part of my writing process I am reading A LOT, and journaling daily. So far so good!

  • Include audio or video in your posts
I have recently pondered the idea of starting a podcast, but have been very hesitant because it is a commitment above and beyond the two blogs (the other being that I struggle with posting consistently and also I write much more coherently than I speak #truestory. So, this challenge is a blessing.

This is my first post of the challenge, but the first step is the most important! I challenge YOU to join the challenge! Get blogging! Your voice should be heard!


  1. Thank you for sharing this Tracy! I look forward to seeing your book! You have such a positive presence on Twitter, Periscope and Voxer. I look forward to reading what you put together. Keep up the great work!